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About The Firm

Ronald J. Langa has obtained significant verdicts for injured people and the families of those injured or killed due to another's negligent actions. Mr. Langa is well-respected for his work with clients who have suffered an injury. Our firm takes pride in the work we do with our injured clients and keep them and their families constantly involved in the legal process. You can rely on us for experienced advocacy when you have lost a loved one. Whether you have lost a child or a spouse, we can help you recover.


Ronald J. Langa has been practicing law in Orlando, Florida since January 1975, having received his B.A. from Florida State University, and his J.D. degree from Memphis State University n/k/a the University of Memphis.


Recently, Ronald J. Langa was involved in seatbelt litigation, and was success in obtaining a $900,000.00 on a seatbelt case. He was also involved in a trucking accident and obtained a result of $1.7 million dollars, along with a $400,000.00 workers compensation settlement, that coincided with the trucking accident. More recently, Ronald J. Langa was involved in an infectious disease case which resulted in a settlement in excess of $300,000.00, on a workers compensation basis. 


Mr. Langa was in the United States Army, and I joined the Army as an enlisted person, and thereafter I received a direct commission and became a second lieutenant and then a first lieutenant during the duration of time that I was in the Army. 


After receiving my law degree, and having practiced in the areas of personal injuries since 1975, I have specialized in personal injury litigation, involving automobile accidents, trip and fall cases, products liability. I have also continuously handle workers compensation claims since that time, and during the course of my practice in the area of workers compensation, I have represented quadriplegic claimants and paraplegic claimants. Presently, I continue to represent a quadriplegic claimant since 1990.

We Pursue The Compensation You Deserve

Your first step is to contact us for an intial evaluation of your case, so that we can determine whether you have grounds for legal action and how much your claim may be worth. We will take on the task of investigating your case, gathering evidence such as photographs of the accident scene, interviewing witnesses and assembling medical documentation of the scope and severity of your injuries.  It is vital that you involve us as early as possible because the other party's insurance company is most likely already hard at work developing a defense to avoid paying on your claim, and unless you take action now you may be denied the full amount you deserve. We will represent you with the insurance companies, negotiating over the value of your case and applying pressure to secure a fair settlement.


Please contact Law Offices of Ronald J Langa PA for a free initial consultation. Experienced representation is just a phone call away.